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Eastern University offers optional services for first generation students. Check this box if NEITHER of your parents have GRADUATED from college

Scheduling Constraints - If you play on a college sports team, have an off-campus job, commute from a distance, or have other scheduling limitations, list that information here.  Please include any unavailable times and a short explanation.  The Registrarís Office will try to work around your time constraints, but cannot guarantee all requests. 

Course Selections: Please list the Mandatory Courses. List at least 3 courses from the final class schedule that you would like to take, also include 2 to 3 alternate courses in the event that your first choices are full. You may choose the first course in your intended major, a language or math competency course, a lab science course, or a course that interests you.  Refer to this list for ideas: Suggested Courses for First Year Students. The usual first-year semester schedule is 12 Ė 16 credits.
Please refer to your registration packet for directions on accessing the semester's course schedule through the MyEastern /Web Advisor portal.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please be aware that section number and time requests may not be honored due to course closures, prerequisites, time conflicts, and/or major choices. In the event that your requests are not honored, another section of the same course or a different course may be substituted. The Registrarís Office will create a schedule based on your mandatory courses, course preferences, and intended area of academic study.


Submission of this registration form obligates you to pay tuition and fees for all courses for which you are registered at the beginning of the academic session. Notification of registration change or cancellation must be submitted in writing to the Registrar. 

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I acknowledge that I am responsible for all information provided to me from Eastern University, including printed mailings, e-mail and through the my.eastern.edu page assigned to me. Additionally, by clicking this box, I certify that I have read the above link regarding student health insurance policies, and understand that in order to not be assigned and charged for Easternís student plan, I must submit a waiver request form before the published due dates each year